The intrepid Warrior Mouse (who on occasion moonlights as the Lady Suleima)

[ Name ] Kirstin Sørensen.

[ Nationality ] Danish (though, seeing as I have spent many years abroad (Netherlands and Belgium), that is hardly an indicator, not to mention that I still consider English my first language having attended a British school as a child).

[ Siblings ] Two younger brothers.

[ Favourite Books ] “The Count of Monte Christo”. “The Neverending Story”. Anything by Oscar Wilde.

[ Favourite Poetry ] Emily Dickinson.

[ Favourite Films ] “Star Wars” 4-6 (old versions). “Willow”. Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (“Death!”). “Temple Grandin”.

[ Favourite Music ] Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt”. Felix Mendelsohn. Suzanne Vega. Kate Bush. Annie Lennox. Joni Mitchell. ACDC.

[ Favourite Games ] “World of Warcraft”. “Minecraft”. “Sid Meier’s Civilization”. Whist.

[ Favourite Animals ] Dogs. Wolves. Basically, anything that’s not a cat.

[ Hobbies ] Gardening. Web design. Beading.

[ Interests ] Literature. Literary theory. Philosophy. Mythology. Zoology. Herbalism.

[ Languages Spoken ] English. Danish. Dutch.

[ Current Goals ] Write a book and publish it.

[ Main Characteristics ] Aesthete. Shameless. Nerd.

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