The Long Return

I have not had the time to tend my website for a long while. During this winter and spring I have been immersed in the task of completing my MA thesis. The title is “Romantic Attitudes and Aesthetic Strategies in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, The Counsellor and The Road“. It is an account and analysis of McCarthy’s expression of the Romantic attitudes to death, life and materialism and the application and effect of bildung and Romantic irony and allegory in his recent works.

I have received an A for my efforts, so I am singularly pleased. That’s one – very significant – item I can check off on my list. Having, finally, completed my education is not only a reward in itself, but a confirmation and validation of my ability and the obstinacy with which I have pursued it, despite the challenge, I have had to face during my student years, in the form of chronic pain.

Of course, with this result, invariably I must ask myself – PhD?

Aesthetics & Identity in Blade Runner

Aesthetics and Identity in Blade Runner added to the Essays collection.

The essay addresses and discusses Blade Runner as a Gothic and postmodern work, in particular its use of Gothic tropes and aesthetics, notably transgression, terror and the Sublime, and the fragmentation of identity and derealisation of reality and knowledge. In the context, Edmund Burke’s, Ann Radcliffe’s and Jean-Francois Lyotard’s theories of the sublime and of terror are treated, as well as Jean Baudrillard’s theories of the hyperreal and symbolic death.