I am currently revising content on my blog and mini-sites. Some material has been taken down, but will be re-introduced shortly.

The Long Return

I have not had the time to tend my website for a long while. During this winter and spring I have been immersed in the task of completing my MA thesis. The title is “Romantic Attitudes and Aesthetic Strategies in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, The Counsellor and The Road“. It is an account and analysis of McCarthy’s expression of the Romantic attitudes to death, life and materialism and the application and effect of bildung and Romantic irony and allegory in his recent works.

I have received an A for my efforts, so I am singularly pleased. That’s one – very significant – item I can check off on my list. Having, finally, completed my education is not only a reward in itself, but a confirmation and validation of my ability and the obstinacy with which I have pursued it, despite the challenge, I have had to face during my student years, in the form of chronic pain.

Of course, with this result, invariably I must ask myself – PhD?

Beading my Time

I have acquired a consuming hobby over the last year; beading. It is a most excellent passtime in which I indulge when gardening is unavailable due to season or weather or circumstance.


Green / Purple Large Peyote Stitch Bezel Pendant

This bezel pendant was actually the first item I made. I just had to go all-aboard first time round. I made one for myself, my Mum, my niece and her Mum. Then I ran out of the 24mm purple pearls I used for the base. My niece will have to wait for hers, as she is still at that age where she has to put everything in her mouth.

Peyote stitch bezel. 24 mm wax pearl base. 6/0 and 9/0 Czech rounds, 8/0 and 9/0 Tohos rounds, and 11/0 Miyuki delicas. Czech drop crystal. Purple bead thread.

Ode to my Brothers

1989 EftelingI have two younger brothers, respectively seven and ten years younger than myself. Ask me who or what is dearest to me and I shall name them. This post is dedicated to them.

Invariably, when I think of my brothers a particular song comes to mind; My Brother by Terry Scott and Mitch Murray. The song dates back from the 1950s when my own parents were children. As a child, it was among my favourite songs on my favourite record, a compilation called All Aboard, released in 1979 by EMI Records.

Phorr, there’s something funny round ‘ere. What is it? Oh, it’s you… come ‘ere and sit down. You’re gonna ‘ave the truth told about you and put on record

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Congratulations, it’s a blog

I have maintained a website for many years. First in html, then php, and now I have gone WordPress. I have only just begun the migration of data and already I could kick myself for not having done so earlier. For a site that is so text-heavy as mine, this will make it a lot easier. Especially seeing as I use Notepad for editing 🙂

I was very happy with the design of my site’s former incarnation, so I’ve strived to keep the gist of it. Here’s a screenshot of the old one …


For whom it may concern, I have utilized the Parabola Theme with some custom css.