17th Century Ireland – the Dynamics of Myth and Fact

Historical. May 2006. Posted June 2014.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

The intent of this essay is to assess the major events and changes that took place in Ireland during the first half of the 17th century and compare them with modern perceptions of this period in an attempt to understand the dynamics of myth and fact in present-day tensions in Northern Ireland

Keywords : 17th century Ireland; history, myth, legends, separatism, religion, politics, England, Catholic, Protestant, Gaelic, Old English, New English, Dissenters, the Stuarts, the Graces, Oath of Supremacy, Ulster Plantation, Insurrection of 1641, Covenant Rebellion, Cromwell, Northern Ireland, hostilities, peace.

The Luddites

Historical. June 1996 / June 2010. Posted June 2014.

In the midst of the war between England and revolutionary France, a minority of craftsmen rose up in revolt in the heart of industrial Northern England. They were named the “the Luddites”. Indignant at seeing their livelihoods and freedoms threatened by the increased use of machinery, they protested, rioted, and carried out sabotage.

The essay accounts for the conditions and events which led to the activities of the Luddites, the nature of those activities and the organisation of the Luddites, and how the British government responded to the situation.

Keywords : 19th century England; the Luddites, frame-breaking, riots, textile industry, machinery, Orders in Council, unemployment, workers, status, organization, revolution, terror.

Aesthetics and Identity in Blade Runner

Literary. May 2010. Posted June 2014.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

While, indeed, placeable within the science fiction tradition … the Gothic and the postmodern provide the central discourse of the film, as well as the prevailing aesthetic experience; an experience which haunts and unsettles and which demands the audience to address (and revise) their concepts of knowledge, identity and reality

Keywords : Blade Runner; aesthetics, gothic, conventions, motifs, terror, the sublime, abjection, transgression, postmodern, universality, reality, identity, knowledge, death, hyperreal, symbolic death, Baudrillard, Lyotard, Burke, Radcliffe, Kristeva.

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